4 Reasons to Drink Warm Water instead of Cold

Surely you have heard that during the day you need to drink several glasses of water. This is definitely a good habit. However, cold water is better to prefer warm, because the latter has a number of important advantages.

Effects on the digestive system

Cold water promotes solidification of fat contained in food, and thereby slows digestion.

Four reasons drink warm water instead of cold

Warm water, on the contrary, helps to more quickly break down food that is beneficial to the process of assimilation by the body and helps get rid of constipation.

Effects on the respiratory system

Cold water causes accumulation of mucus, which increases the risk of respiratory infections and can lead to a sore throat.
In the warm water effect is the reverse: it softens the throat and soothes irritation. This is useful both during the respiratory disease, or just in the morning to deal with dry mouth.

The impact on the circulatory system

Cold water leads to a narrowing of blood vessels.

When you drink hot water vessels dilate, thereby improving blood circulation and blood flow to organs and tissues. Because of this your body gets rid of toxins faster.

Effects on the nervous system

Low temperatures are one of the factors that increase the risk of headaches. Studies have shown that a similar effect has and cold water, which can trigger a migraine attack in people suffering from the disease of people .

Hot water, on the other hand, relieves pain. Especially well it helps to get rid of cramps.

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