7 Combinations of Alkaline Foods can be Eaten on Daily Basis

All of us probably already heard about how useful alkaline foods for our health.

But many wonder: “And is it necessary”, “Do they have to be there every day?”.

After all, it comes to food, but now so many contradictory viewpoints imaginary guru of healthy nutrition and dietetics, you do not know what to believe.

But in this case we can say with full responsibility that this is true: alkaline foods are really useful.

And if you want to secure a high quality of life and well-balanced functioning of internal organs, the alkaline foods must be an integral part of your grocery cart and, of course, your favorite dishes.

After so many foods that we consume every day (sometimes even abusing them) have an acidifying effect. This sugar, trans-fats, preservatives, sweeteners, chemicals, etc.

Top 7 combinations of alkaline foods that can be eaten on a daily basis

And alkaline products , in turn, have a high content of vitamins and minerals, which provide the acid-base balance.
They do not cause inflammation, do not contain excessive amounts of calories and contribute to optimum performance of the internal organs of our body.

If you’re wondering whether you need to completely abandon from the “oxidizing” products and consume only alkaline, we reassure you: the answer – “no.”

The key to solving the problem, as always, is somewhere in between, it is important balance. In this case, the proportions are as follows: it is desirable that a day was about 30% oxidizing products in your diet, and the remaining 70% – alkali.

Experts spoke about the 7 different combinations of foods that you can eat every day!

1. Avocado and grenades

Excellent choice for breakfast. A real sensation!
Garnets have strong cleaning properties (this detoxification product) facilitates the cardiovascular system, are a source of vitamins A and C and minerals such as magnesium.

2. Blueberries with carrots and dates

Yes, carrots also has alkaline properties, not so strong as avocado or lemon, but still.
Even this effect can be enhanced by combination with any kind of forest and garden berries:
Try to make your own fresh juice or fruit and vegetable salad from the above ingredients. And do not forget to put a little dates. They will make a sweet drink or meal and will also provide an alkaline load.

3. Oatmeal kiwi

Have you ever tried porridge with kiwi? It is incredibly delicious: you get a full breakfast, nutritious and healthy (which is alkaline).
Among the products with the highest level of alkali, these two are in the top of the list.
The kiwi, incidentally, contains more vitamin C than an orange.
And oatmeal – a true queen of herbs, because it takes care of the health of the heart, provides good mood and energy boost, so it is advisable to eat every day.

4. Watercress, Seaweed and Asparagus

This combination products can be an excellent complement (garnish) to lunch or dinner. It is suitable for salmon or chicken breast.
Watercress, asparagus and algae help to reduce the level of acidity in the body.
In addition, they provide us with a large amount of iron and calcium, and another substance called asparagine (an amino acid that is contained in asparagus), which helps promote the health of the nervous system.

5. Broccoli with lemon and garlic

You do not know what to cook for dinner tonight? Then here’s a recipe for tasty and healthy alkaline food: broccoli with lemon and garlic.
All three ingredients help alkalizing the body and help remove toxins and waste products.
Thus, they provide us with the correct acid-alkaline balance, and with it, and good health.
The combination of broccoli with lemon juice promotes good digestion and eliminate fat.
Garlic, in turn, contains allicin, the substance acts as a good excellent antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent. Under his power, for example, to deal with fluid retention.

6. Lime, lemon, papaya, and parsley

Perhaps this suggestion will seem somewhat unusual and “geeky”, you say it is “strange” and “boldly”, but nevertheless.
In combination, these 4 ingredients have great health benefits: will be able to take care of kidney health, remove inflammation and cleanse the toxins.
Papaya, for example, is considered a mild laxative, and therefore it is ideal for cleansing the colon.
Parsley – a favorite product of our kidneys.
Lemon and Lime – Two citrus fruit with the most strong alkaline properties, so do not hesitate to include them in your diet.

7. Watermelon Cucumber

You can prepare your own watermelon-cucumber salad: simply chop them in a bowl large pieces. Or … prepare from them a refreshing cocktail in a blender.
Whichever option you choose, be sure to try this combination, since these alkaline foods are also rich in dietary fiber, lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and, of course, contain a lot of water.

Such an easy drink perfectly fit into any diet and very soon will be indispensable in your life. You can drink it every day.

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