Best Foods for a Quick Vegetarian Meal

Perhaps, after all, who are excluded from the diet of meat and fish, not once appeared confused about what to cook for dinner. After all, ordinary vegetables after an exhausting working day sated quite difficult, and a luxurious pasta with tomatoes and basil cook too late.

Fortunately, vegetarian dining is possible to diversify a very simple and useful products, without downloading additional trips to the store. Just constantly be in the kitchen at least a few of these 8 magical products that will help you prepare the perfect nourishing, healthy and low-calorie dish.

The best foods for a quick vegetarian meal


Extremely popular among the followers of a healthy lifestyle quinoa grain – it is perhaps the best option to diversify their vegetarian dishes. This product rich in proteins, minerals and fiber, is a source of useful carbohydrates and has a low glycemic index.

It quinoa will help you control your appetite: this croup copes even with the terrible hunger and helps not to overeat, providing a feeling of satiation.


Miso – a popular dish of Japanese cuisine, which is often supplied in the form of a thick paste. Produced it tricky way the fermentation of soybeans, wheat or rice.

Miso seasoning is excellent for many dishes, such as soups, salads or sandwiches, this product which brings the weight of vitamins (especially, group B) and minerals.


There is hardly a person who in the kitchen not in store a little rice. If you want to replenish their stocks of this almost universal product, we recommend you to first pay attention to the richness of its varieties are so different from each other.
Nevertheless, the white, and brown, and long-grain rice have something in common: it is very nutritious and healthy product, which is also always easy and quick to prepare.


It is hardly necessary to remind you what is so good cashew nuts: nut itself can be a cool snack, and in combination with other foods, especially vegetables, this product will turn your meal into a real vitamin bomb, very tasty, nourishing and useful.

The only thing worth to remember fans of this nut is its high energy value, and that with him, as with all the high-calorie foods, you need to know when to stop.


We all know that chick – the basis of falafel, a stunningly delicious and loved by many vegetarian dishes, to conquer the world.
Fairly large beans brown-green color have excellent oily-nutty flavor, rich mass of useful substances for the organism (including potassium, magnesium, calcium, and many others) and, of course, perfectly fit almost any vegan dish, perfectly complementing it.


What do we actually know about the beans, except that it is one of the most useful legumes? Firstly, it is a rich source of high quality vegetable fat-free protein. Secondly, it is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and fiber, important for good digestion. Well and thirdly, it is a really tasty product, very easy to prepare.

You can choose any beans that your taste: both white and red, and black are almost equally useful, and will differ only cooking time. Carefully study the package and do not forget to soak beans before cooking to make it softer.


Peas strengthens bones, easily digestible, helps blood clotting and, thanks to its high content of antioxidants that not only supports our internal but also external health – namely, beautiful skin and hair.


Like all legumes, lentils are rich in fiber, magnesium and, of course, vegetable protein, an essential for vegetarians. In addition, lentils really considered a dietary product: a cup of this product contains only about 200 calories, but it is perfectly nourishes.

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