Diet Prevents Arthritis by the Doctors

Arthritis can not be due to wear of the cartilage between the joints, as is commonly believed. healthy nutrition experts found that a diet with plenty of fiber reduces the risk of developing this painful disorder by 61%.

Contents of a sufficient amount of fiber in the diet significantly reduces the risk of arthritis, according to the researchers. Receiving the maximum amount of fiber people are 61% less likely to have encountered with this disorder compared to those who consumed the minimum amount of dietary fiber.

Doctors called the diet prevents arthritis

Drinking a large amount of fiber, contained in brown rice, potato peels and other vegetables, and prevents the deterioration of the symptoms of arthritis in those who have already become a victim of this disease.

This discovery may disprove the theory that the arthritis is a simple consequence of the wear of the cartilage, which is a seal between the bones. It is believed that if the cartilage can not itself fix itself, it leads to arthritis.

However, researchers from Tufts University, Boston and Manchester led meta-analysis of two studies involving more than 5000 people. He showed that the risk of arthritis can be greatly reduced with proper diet, which means that the development of this disease is largely dependent on what a person puts himself at the plate.

Results of the study showed that the consumption of dietary fiber, especially contained in cereals, reduces the risk of arthritis and the risk of deterioration of the symptoms. If you have become a victim of osteoarthritis, it is important to follow a healthy balanced diet to maintain weight and keeping physically active.

It should be noted that scientists from the University of Surrey have recently demonstrated the ability to correct nutrition and regular exercise to prevent arthritis. But unhealthy diet and physical inactivity reprogrammed cells of the joints, which leads to increased production of glucose, which causes inflammation and low mobility.

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