Doctors have Come up with a New Method of Losing Weight

Lose more than 15 kilograms overweight people with obesity helped intra-gastric balloon. This device does not need to be administered by surgically: it simply swallowed with water as a tablet.

The balloon is inflated slowly in the human stomach and promotes rapid saturation. As a result, a person consumes fewer calories and begins to lose weight.

Doctors have come up with a new effective method of losing weight
The invention of Italian experts have tested on volunteers, who did not manage to get rid of excess weight by dieting. Cylinders agreed to swallow both men and women are obese. The experiment lasted for 4 months, and all this time the volunteers ate their usual diet, reducing the consumption of products with fast carbohydrates (sugar, flour, candy, carbonated soft drinks).

Gastric cylinders are provided with a special internal valve which helps cylinders deflate and withdraw from the body automatically.

Serious side effects after the application of intra-gastric balloons physicians not fixed. Thanks to the invention, the volunteers managed to lose 15 kilograms or more.

In addition to obesity, gastric balloon help improve health for those volunteers who, in addition obesity has suffered from hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol. Obesity – a problem that is relevant to the whole world and for Ukraine as well.

According to forecasts of the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2025, obesity may be ill for more than 17% of the world population.

In Ukraine, the overweight are 26% women and 16% men: especially alarming medical problem of obesity in the female population. I.e. One woman in four is overweight in Ukraine.

The main causes of obesity is:

Unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits – mainly smoking
Lack of exercise – low physical activity
Unhealthy eating habits

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