Doctors told about the Main Products for Longevity

In recent years, high demand in the world uses so-called “longevity diet”. But it turns out, the same set of vitamins and minerals can be obtained from the usual summer products.

It turns out to stop the aging process, you need to stop the oxidation processes that occur in our body. Completely destroy them is impossible, but slow down, can only 5 groups of nutrients. One year later, European scientists have confirmed the findings of Americans and said that all of these substances can be found in ordinary foods.

Doctors told about the main products of longevity diet

“First of all, to ensure that the aging process does not occur rapidly, our bodies need a beta-carotene. It is a powerful antioxidant, which is getting into the body turns into vitamin A. It is responsible for visual acuity, skin elasticity and resistance to disease. Thanks to him, our skin is protected from solar radiation, it also is the prevention of cancer. Well, you can find it in apricots, carrot juice, melon and new potatoes “- the doctor said.

Thus physicians warn against abuse vitamin supplements with beta-carotene – vitamin A with an excess may cause problems with the liver and the kidneys. But overdo it with apricots or carrots do not be afraid – get “overdose” of natural products is virtually impossible.

Equally important is folic acid. Many women know exactly what her doctors recommended during pregnancy and during the planning process. It is indispensable for the female body. However, can not do without men. After 40 Folic acid protects against diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular system. Contained it in green peas, spinach, Brussels sprouts and whole grain products .

Vitamin B10, which pharmacists called parabens, protects us from the negative influence of the environment, including UV and ozone exposure, protects against infections. This vitamin is part of the set of creams to rejuvenate, and for good reason, because it makes the skin more elastic and smooth. Do you want to look young for a long time – lean on hazelnuts, goat cheese and beef liver.

Pangamic acid, she Vitamin B15 – is an effective antioxidant, which also helps to remove toxins from the body. B15 supplements are often prescribed to athletes because it increases endurance, regulate weight and metabolism. Such natural doping itself. Besides the antioxidant prevents the formation of malignant tumors.

And, of course, do not forget about the familiar to all from childhood Vitamin C. It is essential for all body functions and protects against multiple viruses. A lot of this vitamin in citrus fruits, but, by the way, much more – in black and red currants, young sauerkraut, sea buckthorn.

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