The Four parts of the Body that should not be Touched!

We are confident that the importance of a procedure such as regular hand-washing, you know since childhood. Parents always try to teach their children to it, because it is the basic rules of hygiene!

This is due to the fact that during the day we touch the incredible number of items, as they accumulate so many different bacteria.

And if we neglect personal hygiene, these bacteria came to us in his arms, as easily can get to other parts of the body and even inside our body, thereby causing adverse reactions (up to serious diseases).

So what part of the body should never be touched? What happens if you still do it?

Why it is important to wash their hands at all?

October 15 announced the UNICEF (United Nations International Emergency Children’s Fund, Eng. United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) World Day for Handwashing. The initiative was launched in order to raise public awareness. So we wanted to draw attention to the importance of this problem.

The thing is that many diseases are transmitted through the hands to non-compliance with the rules of hygiene.

Wash hands and other body parts

Perhaps you think you are blameless in this regard, think, watch out for his hygiene well and are not exposed to any risk because they do not contact with toxic products.

But before you say so, consider: whether all the items that you touch are clean?

For example, if you work all day at the computer, the microbes can be easily accessed from the buttons or the screen straight into your mouth. And we should not assume that your office is perfectly clean.

After all, the germs flying around in the air, too, and that we can not control.

1. Eyes

Vision is one of the most valuable senses we possess. That is why, when we have to deal with any eye infection, it brings severe discomfort.

Very often we, without even noticing, we can say, habitual movement three eye itself. Or want to get cilium (mote), gets into your eyes. If you do it with dirty hands, the infection may increase its expression.

The four parts of the body that should not be touched!

Think about it, because we all somehow make this mistake.

Here are some guidelines that you should never lose sight of:

Always wash your hands before touching the face (especially to the eyes).
If you need to pull the cilium or wipe away a tear, use of disposable wipes.
Avoid foreign objects and substances in the eye.
If you wear contact lenses, be especially careful
Never touch your eyes, if you do not pre-wash your hands and neutral soap.

It is important that you learn to remove and put on contact lenses with great care. Ask your ophthalmologist to show you how to do it.

Do not touch the eyeball hands, so you can easily damage the sensitive organ.

Often, when you get home after a hard day, you feel so tired that you want to quickly remove the lens and fall into bed. But you must not under any circumstances ignore the process of purification.

The thing is that the liquid is used to store contact lenses, does not kill all germs. She’s only a little cleans the surface thereof.
Hands should also be washed only solid neutral soap and warm water.

Liquid soap, usually leaves his hands on the protective layer of various chemicals, and they can get to your lens. They accumulate too much over time, and as a result of your lenses will last much less. You yourself shorten their shelf-life.

2. Intimate zone

Intimate zone, in fact, is called that for most of us is clear: before touching yourself “out there”, make sure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene.

Germs and bacteria are listed in the intimate zone with dirty hands can cause the development of any kind of infection.
After all, this area itself is moist, there is its flora and its organisms, and the interaction with other types of bacteria that can cause serious trouble.

A very common mistake among women are “excessive” efforts. The desire for purity makes them not only to use water and soap, but vaginal and special shampoos (for personal hygiene).

We, for our part, we recommend that you minimize the use of soaps and shampoos to completely eliminate vaginal.

3. Ears

Hands should not be touched and ears (and certainly not worth scratching their nails). Such actions could easily lead to internal damage, in which then gets an infection.

Firstly, do not forget that in the ears we have sulfur. It just serves as a natural barrier to protect our ears from the bacteria.

So do not try to remove all the sulfur from the ears. If you feel that it has accumulated too much, go to the otolaryngologist.
It will help you remove the excess sulfur from the ears, and, most importantly, do it correctly and safely as possible.

4. The Person

Try not to touch your face and hands. Of course, in most cases we do so unintentionally, practically “on the machine”, but should still avoid it. As much as possible.

Several reasons for this. The first – is that bacteria and dirt that has accumulated in our hands, fall on your face.
If you do not maintain proper hygiene, pores are easily clogged and soiled. As a result, on the skin of pimples and redness.

The only exception to this rule is the washing. That is to touch your face, you can only to wash it. Of course, after washing your hands.

So as you have seen, to touch different parts of her body is not necessary. It is fraught with the emergence of problems as minor and very serious.

So take a mental note and try to follow the hands.

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