Grilled fish is associated with Dangerous Disease

Dangerous disease by Grilled Fish

The fish is consistently ranked in the list of the most healthful foods. But experts are specified: special importance is the method of its preparation

It turns out that the love of fried fish can bring a person to life-threatening disorders – bleeding in the brain. This is evidenced by the data obtained by experts from the American Heart Association.

With grilled fish is associated dangerous disease

These doctors examined features of health in 21 thousand people, the average age was 65 years. Participants underwent a medical examination and filled out questionnaires to help identify their habits in the daily diet.

Thus, health workers found that those who eat a lot of fried fish, the risk of stroke is higher than that of others.

It was also found that people are very contemptuous of popular doctors’ recommendations is obligatory to eat oily fish once or twice a week. According to the authors of the project, given the right to hold less than a quarter of the study participants.

Experts recalled that the oily fish in the diet plays a role means vascular disease prevention, heart and brain. It is sufficient to use fully the available types of the product – such as canned sardines and mackerel.

As for the cooking, the scientists stated: “To reduce the risk of stroke should eat fish more and cook it a different way than frying.”

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