Hair Loss/Fall : Main Causes & Treatment

Psychologists have found that for most people it is important to look like their hair as thick and they are beautiful. Typically, many, especially the female half, solid hair loss enters into a state of depression.

But do not panic if after laying on a comb you see the hair, or a small number of them you lose during shampooing. The fact is that every hair on our head goes through three stages of development. Anagen – the period when the strands of mature and grow, catagen – time to their maturity, telogen – the stage when the hair reached their development and fall.

Approximately 10-15% of the hair on our head is in the telogen phase. Therefore, a slight loss is not considered a cause for concern.

Hair loss: the main causes and treatment

If you notice that your hair is literally sypyatsya with your head remain on clothes and in large numbers on the comb, it’s time to think about their health and start a fight with the fallout, say psychologists .

Why does hair fall out


Perhaps the greatest enemy of the good condition of the skin, in general, our health and the health of hair. The hormone cortisol, which is released during stress and worsens the condition of the scalp, and therefore the strands, and leads to hair loss.
hormonal changes

Many women notice that the active hair loss they had, or during pregnancy or immediately after delivery. All this is happening due to hormones that affect hair follicles. By the way, hormonal changes can occur and if you drink properly selected contraceptives.

Hard Diet

Lack of vitamins and minerals that the body undergoes during the diet affects the condition of hair. Special commitment to the improvement of the body can easily lead to hair loss.

Problems with the endocrine system

Thyroid disease and other problems with the endocrine system can lead to hair loss.

Diseases of the Scalp

Banal dandruff, eczema and any other skin problems head can become a cause of hair loss.
temperature change

I enjoy walking in the winter without a hat or sun without a hat in the hot sun? Expect not only colds and overheating, but also hair loss. After all, the hair follicles are very sensitive to temperature changes.

In the same category include all heat styling with a hair dryer, curling irons, irons. If you do hairstyle without thermal protection, do not be surprised that after a while your hair will fall out.

Substandard Salon Treatment

Poorly executed salon treatment , dyes can cause hair loss. Also lose some head of hair, you can, if you like very often to change the image.

How to Stop Hair Loss

Of course, the most important thing – is initially to determine the cause of hair loss. This will help the doctor-trichologist, who is engaged in problems of hair and scalp. It will make you Trichogramma (a kind of ultrasound for the scalp), which will show the real state of the strands. Then the doctor will prescribe the necessary tests, you may have to visit other doctors. And after – treatment, it can be medicated.

To address the problems falling trichologists often use injection techniques – mesotherapy (injection of vitamin cocktails) and Plazmolifting (injection of their own blood-rich plasma). Patients who undergo these procedures, were satisfied. It is also possible to use hardware techniques, which regulate the processes in the scalp – electrostimulation, cryotherapy, ultrasound therapy.

For home care doctor may recommend supportive therapy. Typically, the system includes products that sends oxygen to the skin cells, stimulate blood circulation and hair growth.

This can be shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums, ampoules, lotions that contain stimoksidin or minoxidil, plant extracts (mint, ginseng root), oils, menthol, vitamins and amino acids. If you decide to only do home therapy, the effectiveness should be judged not less than three months.

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