The Main Myths about Hair Care

Hair Care – is not easy. There is so much conflicting advice on how to make your hair shiny and silky that it is difficult to understand them. How to understand which of them are really useful, and which are only common myths?

Famous stylist of Great Britain, founder and creative director of interior Hare & Bone Sam Barnett works with such well-known brands such as LOreal, Elle and etc. But one day he changed roles and acted as a whistle blower – dispel the most famous myths about the hair, which not only will not benefit your hair, but also can harm them.

Myth №1: Frequent brushing makes hair healthy

We’ve all heard this advice, and someone, probably even tried to use it. But according to Sam Barnett on such nonsense is not even worth wasting time. Frequent brushing will make your hair no more, and less healthy.

“Daily brushing helps distribute the natural sebum from the roots to the ends, thereby ensuring their hydration and nutrition, – says Barnett. – But all is good in moderation. Too frequent brushing enhances the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp and makes the hair is too greasy. ”

The main myths about hair care

Myth №2: If you have dandruff, then you have dry scalp

You may think that dandruff – it is a consequence of dryness in leather head. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. Barnett argues that although indeed dandruff is often accompanied by a feeling of dryness of the scalp, one with the other is not always connected.

“The cause of such problems as dandruff, psoriasis or dermatitis is excess sebum, but not dryness of the skin. That is why the color is yellowish dandruff. A dry scalp is usually caused by environmental conditions or using the wrong products for hair care products. ”

Myth №3: It is impossible to dye your hair during pregnancy

Many women prefer to forget about hair dye and return to its natural color during pregnancy. Like, paint damage. But this is just another misconception:

“This myth is very tenacious. The problem of hair dye during pregnancy are concerned not only my clients, but in general most women. ”

Sam Barnett insists that modern permanent and semi-permanent dyes are completely safe and do not contain any toxins or chemicals that can harm the unborn baby.

The secretion of the sebaceous glands is determined by hormones and genetics.

Myth №4: If wash your hair less often, the skin will produce less fat

Many bloggers are writing about hair care, argue that if wash your hair less often, the secretion of sebaceous glands gradually returns to normal. But Barnett believes that it is not.

“No matter how often you wash your hair and scalp will produce the same amount of sebum. The secretion of the sebaceous glands is determined by hormones and genetics. Because you start to wash your hair less often, things do not change. ”

Myth №5: if you rinse your hair with cold water, they become more brilliant

If you have made a habit to rinse hair after washing with cold water, then know that you are wasting your time.
Sam Barnett says: “As a matter of hair is not living cells, ie they are not innervated.

Therefore, hair does not respond to the cold or hot water. Although ice water still has a certain effect on the hair. They are better able to reflect the light and look less dull. “

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