Named 6 Daily Habits that are not less Dangerous from Smoking

Everyone is aware of the dangers of smoking. However, new research shows that there are everyday habits that are no less dangerous than cigarette smoke.

Experts spoke about 6 such habits and how to reduce their negative impact on our health .

There are a lot of meat and cheese

Excessive consumption of animal protein by people under the age of 65 increases the risk of cancer 4 times, diabetes – 5 times, and increases overall mortality.

Named 6 daily habits that are dangerous not less smoking

Try to replace animal proteins with vegetable, for example include in the diet of green vegetables or nuts.
not enough sleep

Lack of sleep leads to metabolic abnormalities and increased cortisol hormone levels, which is fraught with high blood pressure and stroke.

6-8 hours a night of sleep will reduce the risk of premature aging and early death by 12%.

Often visit a solarium

Love of tanning leads to skin cancer. For the year in the US alone there were more than 400 thousand. Cases of melanoma.
Include in the diet of vegetables rich in carotenoids, you not only protect your skin from the harmful effects of the environment, but also become the owner of a healthy tan shade.

Fug at home

Insufficient physical activity leads to cardiovascular disease, a significant increase in breast cancer or colon cancer risk.
Moderate activity, such as a quiet walking 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of premature death.

Cooking food in sunflower oil

The heating of sunflower oil leads to the release of high concentrations of chemicals, primarily aldehydes, which cause cancer, heart disease and dementia.

Replace the sunflower oil in the olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, animal fat or butter.

Do not ventilate the room

Cooking on gas programs included air fresheners, oil heaters , wood stoves leads to the fact that the air produced substances that cause inflammation of the airways and increase the risk of lung infections.

When using a gas stove, always turn on the hood, hold daily airing of the premises.

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