Top 8 Foods that make us Tired and Sleepy

You may have noticed that even after an invigorating morning shower and a hearty breakfast, you still have enough strength and energy for a productive day. Review your diet. It is likely that the problem lies in those products that you choose. Presence in the morning or afternoon menu of a number of unsuitable products

Seven Healthy Eating Habits

The whole industry is now engaged in a healthy lifestyle. This is very beneficial in terms of the fact that people on the whole are bad, what is healthy food. HLS sauce everyone can sell miracle products and beverages, which actually turn out to be even more harmful than their “bad” counterparts. Now it is

Popular Products that can Suddenly Kill us

Whatever attention is not paid to thorough disinfection by-products and their preparation, there are always hidden dangers. Some foods really deadly, if to err on the methods of its use. It’s not just about the famous fugu fish, which can kill the entire company at the table when the chef made a little mistake in

4 Reasons to Drink Warm Water instead of Cold

Surely you have heard that during the day you need to drink several glasses of water. This is definitely a good habit. However, cold water is better to prefer warm, because the latter has a number of important advantages. Effects on the digestive system Cold water promotes solidification of fat contained in food, and thereby

Thyroid : 7 Signs of this Problems/Disease

Problems with this gland is, every third inhabitant of our planet. A failure in its work leads to failure of the whole organism. The thyroid gland is a small organ, but extremely important – governs all exchanges of substances, as well as the cardiovascular and nervous system, physical and mental development. If it crashes, it