Popular Products that can Suddenly Kill us

Whatever attention is not paid to thorough disinfection by-products and their preparation, there are always hidden dangers. Some foods really deadly, if to err on the methods of its use. It’s not just about the famous fugu fish, which can kill the entire company at the table when the chef made a little mistake in the preparation.

There are far more popular food, which must be very careful. But forewarned – is forearmed, and optionally completely abandon toxic products.


Bees seem to be taking revenge on the people for what they had a hand in their extinction. Honey which they produce, contains a poisonous toxin called pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

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To neutralize it, honey is subjected to pasteurization. And honey is not pasteurized, if you eat just a teaspoon can cause headache and vomiting. And this condition can last a whole day.


Plain potatoes, untimely and improperly cooked, can become a real poison. The fact that the leaves and stems of potatoes contain glycoalkaloids. This toxic substance contain all nightshade. If you store the product properly, it can start to germinate.

There is a root vegetable does nelya because there is a risk to use in food are the same shoots with venom. And if the potato was in this form too long, harmful substances can penetrate and in the tuber.


If you see in a store of raw cashew nuts, I hope it’s a lie. So it will certainly, as raw theirs is life-threatening. They contain urushiol – a substance that is also found in poison ivy. And that it does not present a hazard cashews must be treated in a special way. It is therefore by no means impossible to try cashew, if you find them in nature. It can actually be fatal.

Red beans

Although raw foodists insist that raw food is much more useful than processed, it is not exactly on the red beans. In its raw form it contains toxins called lectins. They are the real killers of your stomach. The only way to avoid problems with the health and serious poisoning – soak the beans for 5 hours, and then simmer for at least two.


The problem with this product is that the delicious and healthy stems, their leaves are very poisonous. Therefore, cutting rhubarb filling into the pie, beware of accidentally grab leaves. They contain oxalic acid, which adversely affects the kidneys. To die from poisoning leaves, you need to eat at least a few kilograms, but the health and small enough doses for serious problems.


Elderberry and make jam and wine, and tea, so few people know that this is one of the most dangerous kinds of berries. The slightest mistake in gathering or cooking time can cause severe poisoning or even coma.

The elderberry contains a fairly large dose of glycoside, which is converted to cyanide. Unripe berries are used in the preparation of jam or juice, necessarily lead to severe nausea.


Cherries, like plums, peaches and apricots, with their dangerous pits. They contain hazardous compounds when ingested turning into cyanide. The good news is that in order to have a bone to chew poisoning. The bad – just a few of cherry pits can poison you if you get crushed by the stomach in the form.

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