Proper Nutrition for every Budget

Experts have compiled a list of relatively inexpensive products that promise a lot of benefits and skillfully replaced chia, shrimp and arugula.


Broccoli and cauliflower, of course, vegetables with outstanding advantages – and beautiful, and useful. But if you pay extra for the contents of the plates do not want to aesthetics, to look at the usual cabbage.

Proper nutrition for every budget

It is the same as the more expensive the representatives of the family, rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber and promotes natural detoxification of the body.


Egg protein digested almost completely, which is rare for a protein-rich foods, and thus contains a complete set of amino acids necessary for the person. Add to this the full terms of BZHU composition of eggs and a dozen ways of cooking – and get a great product for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Saturates, as meat, and is much cheaper!


Rare nutritionist is not known for dairy products, and rightly so. Beneficial bacteria, which are in high-quality yogurt or yogurt, to help get rid of the extra kilos (proven by clinical studies) and contribute to the well-coordinated work of the intestine. A gastrointestinal health, according to the latest scientific data, besides that itself is not bad, so also affects a person’s mood and, as a result, many aspects of his private life.

Because yogurt – one of the representatives of the fermented milk budget family in the difficult days can lean on him to pay. Just make sure that the composition no extra ingredients, such as sugar.


Hit patriotic kitchen does not give up even under aggressive advertising and other overseas Quinoa Bulgur. According to the content of complex carbohydrates, protein and dietary fiber buckwheat it is not much different from the movie, and is worth several times more cheaply. Moreover – our grits, unlike overseas, less calories: 296 and 368 kcal per 100 g, respectively.


Prices on the liver, kidneys and heart horned and feathered friends a person favorably with those of meat, with a leaver almost noble useful sources of protein. For example, beef liver contains an impressive array of essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, particularly zinc. The latter, according to some doctors, a new vitamin C – such as irreplaceable.


From the point of view for the benefit of health apples win by a large margin. Primarily due to the pectin – the class of dietary fiber promotes the growth of healthy intestinal flora, it helps to lose weight by improving the digestion and provides satiety, even if you ate very little – just a couple of apples. About the fact that the most democratic garden fruit is easy to buy, even in winter, can not resemble.


A byproduct of the production of flour (which, by the way, there is nothing useful for your figure) is quite inexpensive, and it is necessary to use. For example, do not overpay for “whole grain” breakfast in a beautiful box – and cook yourself usual oatmeal with a couple of spoonfuls of bran penny. By the way, under their power to make your skin clean and radiant, normalize digestion, and to enrich the diet with vitamins of group B.

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