New Reason of Hair Loss & Baldness found by the Doctors

In early baldness and hair loss “fault” is not only the gene mutations and hormones. American scientists have found that the early baldness can cause abnormal functioning of the immune cells. The main cause of early baldness was considered elevated levels of the hormone testosterone and mutations in certain genes.

Doctors have found a new cause of hair loss and baldness

As it turned out, the T-cells that regulate the immune system play an important role in hair growth. If they are “disabled”, the hair stops growing and falls. An experiment with laboratory rodents helped to identify this important fact. In an arbitrary place on the skin of mice injected toxin, which causes the death of immune cells to the site.

Thus zone devoid of immune cells were obtained: in the data areas of hair fell out and again not grown or baloon ka girna. Doctors say that in the natural hair loss hair bulb structure grows again. And this process is influenced, as previously thought, scientists, only stem cells.

As it turned out, to actively participate in the growth of new hair is T cells: their function is to develop chemical signals and Jag1 protein molecules. These elements make the stem cells in the hair follicles to form new hair. But, as the researchers noted, the general state of the human immune system and the immune system, this process is irrelevant.

That is, doctors have found a link between the general is not the protective forces of the body and hair loss, and the relationship between the regeneration of the skin problems and hair loss. Thus, people who have worse skin is recovering from wounds, cuts, injuries, and more prone to the worst process exfoliate the top layer of the epidermis may be at risk of early baldness and hair loss.

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