How to Reduce inflammation in Pancreas & Liver

One often hears talk that way of life of modern man, and his power is not going to benefit his pancreas and liver.

The more processed foods and less natural products we consume, the more affected by our diet of these important and sensitive organs.

We think about our habits and lifestyle that we lead: smoking, low physical activity, abuse of sweets. we often give preference to processed food and neglect the natural: for example, prefer fresh fruit jam.

How to reduce inflammation in the pancreas and the liver

we often come home tired and ready-made food to defrost for dinner instead devote time to cook healthy and natural foods. It was in the last ingredient, all useful trace elements: anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Each of us understands that the mandatory conditions for a healthy diet are the time and desire.

Believe me, your health and well worth the effort. Well-being is to be valued. Experts spoke about the products that are useful for other such bodies. Try to regularly include them in your diet.

Do not forget that the state of the liver and pancreas affects your overall health. Therefore, showing a similar concern, you will be able to improve their health.

1. Natural juice from the beets and carrots

Increased liver, hepatomegaly or can develop for several reasons: because of the appearance of body fat in the liver or postponed viral diseases, and hepatitis.

If that is the case, the treating physician will be able to match you with the appropriate treatment.

It is very important to monitor your diet and regularly drink fresh juice of beets and carrots. Also, this drink is useful for the pancreas.


Beet 1
1 Carrot
5 tablespoons of lemon juice (50 ml.)
1 cup of water (200 ml).


The first thing you need to thoroughly wash the roots. After that, cut them into small pieces to facilitate their mixing in a blender.

When you get a homogeneous mash, add a glass of water and lemon juice.

Drink this drink you need in the morning. You’ll see how well you yourself will feel afterwards.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is a healthy drink, health strengthening liver and pancreas.

Due contained catechines it will not only soothe the inflammation but also normalizes the work of these important bodies.

Antioxidants, which in large numbers contained in this drink, help fight fatty liver and stimulate regeneration of its cells.

Despite this, abused green tea is not necessary. One cup a day should be sufficient.

3. Avocados

Contained in an avocado glutathione is a tripeptide derived from amino acids. It helps to cleanse the liver and pancreas of toxins.

It should be borne in mind that in addition, avocados are rich sources of monounsaturated fats.

These fats allow to take care of the walls of blood vessels and facilitate processing of the liver “bad” cholesterol (LDL-cholesterol).

4. Olive oil for liver and pancreas

Vegetable oils are cold-pressed, for example, olive oil, hemp or flax, of great benefit to our liver health. The same applies to the pancreas.

We should not forget that use vegetable oils in moderation is necessary. It is best to include them in your diet in its natural form. So, you can add these oils to salads or cook toasted wholemeal bread.

Vegetable oils to help calm the inflammation in those organs and clear them from harmful toxins. Because of this your mood will be better.

5. Cereals

Cereals, which will be discussed, are sources of fiber, protein and minerals. Some of them, we almost do not use when cooking. At the same time, these cereals contain more mineral trace elements than the grains that we use regularly.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the millet, quinoa and buckwheat.

These cereals contain enzymes promote digestion. They soothe inflammation, reduce blood cholesterol and take care of the health of the heart.

Try to regularly buy these cereals and to use them for the preparation of various dishes.

6. Artichoke

Artichoke is great for any meal. He tasty and appetizing.

With regard to our health, these vegetables are in the favor of the pancreas, liver and gall bladder.

Artichoke facilitates the digestion of fat, reduces inflammation and establishes work sluggish and fatty liver.

In addition, the artichoke stimulates the excretion of toxins and activates the intestinal peristalsis.

It is recommended to have dinner artichokes with olive oil, vinegar and lemon.

7. Papaya

Papaya – is more than a delicious tropical fruit that is useful for digestion.

Thanks to the flavonoids contained in it, such as cryptoxanthin, we can reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood cells to stop oxidation and calm the inflammation in these organs.

Once you have the opportunity to buy papayas, do not miss it. Your body will tell you thank you very much for the attentive care.

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