Simple way of Maintaining Health and Beauty by Doctors

And here’s another good reason to put to sleep 7-8 hours, which certainly would affect millions of women. Scientists have shown that lack of sleep makes us more ugly.

Science long ago proved how important it is to get enough sleep. It was found that lack of sleep leads to chronic fatigue, bags under the eyes, an increased risk of a number of diseases, depression, problems with teeth, and even hair loss.

Doctors told about the simple way of maintaining health and beauty

But no such horror stories, apparently, are not afraid of contemporary people who still sleep less provisions. It is possible that they will listen to the news, which sounds scary for many women and men. Scientists from the Institute in Stockholm have shown that sleep deficit even at the level of two to four hours a day makes a person more ugly to look at.

Volunteers felt less attractive after they are spilled. they also seemed to be more tired, less healthy, and even less friendly. Scientists have photographed men and women aged 18 to 47 years after the two nights of an 8-hour sleep. Then again, these pictures were taken a week after two nights 4-hour sleep. At the same time on each photo depicted all people should pose no jewelry and cosmetics.

Evaluation of the attractiveness depicted in the photographs of people gave a group of 122 volunteers who scored arbitrarily. They had to evaluate such factors as appearance, health, friendship, as well as a person’s ability to inspire confidence.

It turned out that the precipitating people look attractive and healthy as possible to others. According to the study authors, the lack of sleep makes a person more pale, wrinkled skin, and it enhances the appearance of bruises under his eyes, which had a negative effect on the degree of attractiveness of a person.

The only feature that does not change people, regardless of how much time they spent on sleep, is the ability to inspire confidence.

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