Top 10 Ways to Manage the Stress Level

Stress – it is almost habitual state of modern man. For some, emotional upsets are a stimulus for further action, for others – beginning of the end, psychological trauma. The Challenger experts told how to learn to manage stress.

These ten ways to help you get out of any stressful situation, the winner (ie – no loss to the nervous system).

Try to avoid Multitasking

If you feel that whatever your mind paralyzed with fear and anxiety – any rash act could lead to disruption or emotional burnout. To avoid this, try to “unload” their day by converting an endless list of important things in a little note of the five points.

Top 10 ways to help manage stress

How to do it? Easy, just ask yourself – “I’ll die if you do not got this today?” If you do not die, do not hesitate to cross out.


For one day or for a couple of hours disappearing from all radars. Turn off the phone and go to a place where if they wanted your problems before you will not reach.

That is, if the stress associated with work, take time off, citing strong migraine, and if you can not relax because of the permanent repairs, which is already a month do your neighbors, get in your car (or on the first train) and rushes out of the city – on nature. In general, your task – to arrange a small output and hold it away from your source of neuroses.

Neutralize “toxic” people

When you feel bad, you have every right to share all the others into two groups – the first will include friends and colleagues, after communicating with whom you are well into the second – the ones after the conversation which only gets worse.

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but there are people who really like to pour oil on the fire – they enjoy the intrigue and gossip. And from such “friends” need to stay away if you do not want to get bogged down even deeper in stress and anxiety.

Look at the situation in the long term

It now seems to you that the black stripe will never end and the endless tangle of problems and will poison your life. But actually it is not – you are unlikely to remember in ten years, because of what is going through. After all, as we know, everything eventually passes. And this, too, to unravel the tangled skein soon.

Keep this in mind and always ask yourself – whether it will be important in a month? And in a year?

Ask for help

Of course, you can consider yourself the most courageous person to whom all the strength, but nevertheless we have to admit that even Batman needed Robin sometimes.

In moments of soul-searching is not necessary to be brave and try to cope with all of their own – one telephone conversation with a friend you will replace a three-hour session anger management and help again analyze the situation.

In addition, you will hear an alternative point of view and get support from a person who is always on your side.

Work out

Regular exercise not only beneficial effect on your figure, but also in your mind. A twenty-minute walk in the middle of a busy day can help you stay awake and alert for at least another six hours.

And if after your workout you will be able to go to the sauna or a session in the pool, and you do become invulnerable – endorphins, which are produced after intense physical activity, protect you from stress and will not give fall into depression.

Sleep More

In any unclear situation translate phone in airplane mode and go to sleep. It’s really the best thing you can do. Besides restful sleep not only fill you with energy, but also significantly reduce the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the blood.

But the sleepless nights, on the contrary, will only exacerbate your condition and make an already difficult period of life unbearable.

Drink water enriched with magnesium

Clean and healthy water – that will save you from stress and give “break” under the weight of urgent matters and deadlines. It is better to drink water enriched with magnesium. Magnesium is involved in energy production, glucose assimilation, the transmission of nerve signals, the synthesis of proteins. He has a calming effect, reduces the excitability of the nervous system.

Make time for Fun

Even during the very hard and cruel deadline should not indulge in things that bring pleasure and joy. View of several series of interesting show or reading a book will not only help you to escape and “reboot”, but also cause your body to release endorphins – the main “sponsor” of good mood.

Meditate and try auto-genic Training

Thirty minutes of meditation in the morning is enough to throughout the day to stay Steadfast Tin Soldier, who still shoulder. And if you still can not meditate, it’s time to try autogenic training – they will teach you to relax and cope with anxiety states.

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