Top 8 Foods that make us Tired and Sleepy

You may have noticed that even after an invigorating morning shower and a hearty breakfast, you still have enough strength and energy for a productive day. Review your diet.

It is likely that the problem lies in those products that you choose.

Presence in the morning or afternoon menu of a number of unsuitable products leads to the fact that you constantly feel tired and sleepy. But do not rush to completely give up your favorite foods, but simply transfer them to dinner. While the first item on our list might well be excluded from the daily diet.

Fast carbohydrates

As much as the European way or looked fresh fragrant pastries for breakfast, complete with a cup of strong coffee and a morning meal will give you the necessary energy for a productive day. After a violent release of sugar into the blood, which contributes to the rapid carbohydrates, you will certainly feel tired and sleepy.

Thus, we recommend to completely eliminate white bread and sweet pastries in the morning ration.


Since we mentioned the coffee , we want to warn you that this drink is very crafty. It really invigorates, but only in small quantities. Drinking a couple of cups a day, you will feel a surge of courage and strength, but the rules of the excess will lead to the opposite effect. And after each extra cup of coffee you will have more and more sleepy.

Top 8 foods that make us tired and sleepy


Ahead of the season berries, which means that we will use every opportunity to enjoy strawberries, cherries and raspberries. But do not choose cherry or cherries as a snack daily. The fact that these berries are natural sources of melatonin – a hormone that regulates sleep and cherry juice even recommend that people who suffer from insomnia.

If you do not want to fall asleep on the job, then give preference to blueberries. This berry will be for you an excellent source of additional strength and energy in the midst of an eventful day, but a handful of cherries eat before going to sleep better, to sleep tight.

Soy products

Lunch at a Japanese restaurant – not a good idea, especially if you still have a lot to do. Traditional miso soup or salad with tofu more suitable for a relaxing dinner. This is due to the fact that soy products are rich in various amino acids, including tryptophan – an amino acid involved in the synthesis of melatonin, which we mentioned earlier.

Meat and Chicken

But not only soy products are rich in tryptophan. The level of this amino acid is quite high and in the meat. Especially a lot of it in the turkey, rabbit and chicken, so leave all the meat dishes for the evening meal for lunch, choose fish, such as mackerel or perch.


We often choose nuts as a snack useful, and it is no coincidence. They are nutritious, but it does not cause a feeling of heaviness, especially if restricted to a small handful. However, try not to eat in the afternoon almonds, as it contains a lot of magnesium. This trace mineral helps to relax the muscles, which means that you will be quite difficult to keep the day in active mode.


This fruit, as well as almonds, rich in magnesium. Only one banana a day can affect your energy. Especially common mistake – eating a banana before a workout, because magnesium, acting muscle relaxant, do not allow you to efficiently work out.

Milk and dairy products

In conclusion, we would like to mention another category of products, leading to drowsiness. We are talking about milk and dairy products, which many people mistakenly choose to eat for breakfast.

If you carefully read our review, you already know that this amino acid is tryptophan, helps produce the sleep hormone – melatonin.

So, in dairy products is also present and eating cottage cheese or yogurt in the morning, you risk being lethargic and tired till dinner.

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